Experience Pro

Experience Pro

Do you want to challenge yourself?
Would you like to explore one of your artistic passions?
Do you want to treat yourself with a unique gift?


This is a different way to enjoy your summer break: travel to Europe, spend your time with a real professional in the field of interest, learning new and interesting things and experiencing them together with your mentor. It is a full, inspiring, learning experience where you get the chance to explore the place where you will be based with a plus: get deep into a specific topic of your interest. Realise one of your dreams, get your hands on a project and get it done by the end of your stay!

Soul Identity – Art Photography

Is your dream being a photographer?
Are you studying art and you want to know more about photography?
Is photography your passion?
Well you are in the right place: discover the beauty of Sofia, in Bulgaria, and meet your tutor, Mira Nedyalkova!
Mira is a well-known international photographer who will work with you during your stay in order to turn your pictures into pieces of art. Mira will welcome you and will give you the insight for organising your own exhibition at the end of your stay.

About Mira . . .

“…I’m Mira Nedyalkova, I was born and raised in Sofia. I studied Painting at Sofia’s Art Academy whilst working as a model. In 2008 I discovered photography and little by little it has become a fundamental part of my life, completely replacing painting. Photography is the instrument I use to express myself; in my photos I use the pain to show beauty, and the eroticism to potray a psychological look at life. In most of my creations I use water and it’s not a coincidence. The water for me represents Creation. My work has been published in several magazines – Dodho magazine, L’oeil de le Photographie, and many others – and many of my photos have been used in books and put on CD covers in France, Italy, Japan and U.S.A. …”

Some art photos of Mira


Workshop Programme

Arrival to Sofia and transfer to the hotel
Lunch time
City tour: discover the beauty of Sofia
Welcome dinner and meet Mira

Sofia and its Art

The Bulgaria capital is a wonderful destination for art, history and food lovers. Sofia is a fast growing, multi-cultural and modern city with nice people. Did you know that Bulgaria is one of the oldest countries in Europe? The Bulgarian history dates back to the 7th century. The National Museum of History is one of the largest museums on the Balkans and contains more than 650, 000 exhibits. Sofia is home to many art galleries. Sofia’s National Art Gallery host 50,000 pieces of Bulgarian art and great selection of European photography. Also, the street art in Sofia is awesome. Electricity boxes all over the city are covered in beautiful, interesting and sometimes funny paintings. Often people use the art to attract attention in protest.

"What to Expect"


“I am Emily, 23, from China. I am currently studying criminal justice. Before Experience Pro, photography was more like a general activity, now for me it’s an amazing way to represent art. In the first class, I made a lot of new friends. We were talking about art with Mira, she showed us her photos, they were amazing! I was in shock by how powerful the art photos were! The atmosphere was great, everyone was friendly, the hotel was comfortable, the food was great as well. What’s more, the course was so professional and motivated me a lot. Mira is an amazing artist, she has a great personality, she taught us how to understand art. Her class inspired me a lot. She gave me great advice on all my work. Thanks to Mira I can use photoshop well now! I learnt how to use a camera, lightroom and photoshop in a week! Experience Pro was my first photography course and it was an unforgettable experience. Once I’m back home, I will definitely recommend it to all of my friends! Learning and relaxing at the same time, that’s best!”

“I’m Elisa, 18, from Italy. I’ve learned photography by myself; this passion comes from my mother and so does my knowledge about photography. For me, photography is a way to communicate my deepest feelings and transmit emotions. I decided to attend the Experience Pro Photography workshop because I could improve my personal style and discover new techniques. Street photography and learning new techniques is what I enjoyed the most from this experience. Our mentor, Mira, was mysterious, fascinating and always available. She was giving advice about photos and she was also willing to answer all our questions. I’ve learned to be more sensitive to details, transmit feelings and emotions and edit photos. It was a wonderful experience, intense and hard, but very satisfying! I would definitely recommend it as it gives you the chance to explore new perspectives and new techniques. It also allows you to get to know new friends and travel abroad!”